If last year didn't bring you joy, just leave it behind,
Let's ring in the New Year, with better things in mind!

Forget bad memories that brought heartache and pain,
Let's turn a new leaf, and find fun & happiness again!

Forget the past mistakes and make amends this New Year,
Greetings to one and all, to bring hope and cheer!

Countdown to New Year 2019

Hogmanay, the New Year is the day that marks the time of the beginning of a new calendar year. For many cultures, the event is celebrated in some manner, usually a party. The New Year falls on 1 Januaryr. According to the Christian tradition, 1 January is the day of the circumcision of Jesus, on the eighth day of his birth, when the name of Jesus was given to him. It was only relatively recently that 1 January became the first day of the year in Western culture. Since then, 1 January has been the first day of the year.